Marble in a Box

Marble with clouds

Marble is a fantastic KDE application giving a view to the world. Viewing the earth from top, checking street maps with the data from OpenStreetmap, visualizing data on a global scale. Marble does all this and more with beauty and efficiency.

Marble runs on a lot of platforms and doesn't pose much special requirements on the hardware. To make it even easier to get a hand of Marble I built some live CDs, which you can use to try out or demonstrate Marble. Just boot them on a random computer and enjoy.

If you would like to help building Marble live CDs or create one on your own, contact me

SUSE Studio, where all the images were hosted, has been discontinued. So the links in this section don't work anymore. Marble is available in all relevant Linux distributions. So you find it there.

Find the latest version based on KDE 4.5.1 and Marble 0.10.1 on SUSE Gallery

Javier Llorente created an updated version with Marble 0.9.1 on KDE 4.4.1. Download it here:

ISO with full bluemarble data (618 MB)

Use the following links to download the live CDs. They present Marble 0.8.1 on KDE 4.3.1 and openSUSE 11.1. To use them, download the ISO, burn it to a CD and boot it in your computer. You can also start them in a virtual machine, e.g. KVM or VMware.

ISO with full bluemarble data (639 MB)

Small ISO without additional data (335 MB)

There are also some older live CDs with Marble 0.7:

ISO with full bluemarble data (650 MB)

Small ISO without additional data (349 MB)